Signs That There is a Termite Infestation on Your Property

The one way to make sure that your home is well protected from termite infestations is to know what the early signs of the infestation are. If caught on time, this can go a long way in ensuring that the experts at Pest Inspection Perth are able to tackle the issue before it gets out of control. Some common signs of a termite infestation to look out for include:


  • Wall Surface Trails – Wood is the favourite material for termites to live in but they leave mud trails on wall surfaces that are seen very easily. The moment you notice these mud trails on your house walls, get your house inspected for termites.


  • Hollowed Wood– While termites attack wood structures from inside and eat up the wood layer by layer, the outer façade may look intact and without any signs of damage. If you want to check for the presence of termites on your property, the simplest way is to lightly tap the wooden surface with a solid object. If you hear a dull thudding sound, it could be mean that termites have eaten the inside of the wood making the structure fragile.


  • Insects swarming around –If you notice swarms of large flying ants milling around the light fixtures in your house, these may be indicating the presence of a large matured termite colony in your place. These mature insects exit the nest to establish a new colony. They emerge from their hiding areas in humid weather and like dampness.


Some Other Signs


There are other signs that indicate termite infestation such as:


  • Damage to the paint
  • Very small holes in the wall
  • Wall linings- cracked or warped


For timely and effective termite control, feel free to contact Pest Inspection Perth at 0405 763 777 or book an inspection via this online form. We assure you of the best and most cost-effective pest control services.

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