Termite and Ant Treatments

Based on the type of insect, an infestation of either can cause extensive damage to the structures of your house. Without assistance, both can go undetected and may escalate to the point of creating your home uninhabitable. They require individual pest management therapy, although there are similarities between both of these species.

Termites vs. Ants

Termites can lead you to major structural damage to buildings, plants, and farm woods since they pick away at the wood fibers. Termites can be undetectable for years, eating the wood without people noticing until the structure is seriously damaged. Termites may damage cloth paper and carpets. Termites feed on materials, such as fabric and timber, yet they don’t digest it. Rather they use the majority of their intake to build their colony nests and also to protect themselves from rain and sunlight. Unlike ants, which frequently use cracks around doors or window frames and wood branches or bushes to get into your home, termites come in through the soil around the foundation.

On the other hand, ants are a common pest anywhere in the world and you will find a variety

  • Field ants are available outside, where picnics are quickly ruined by them, or indoors, where you might see them trailing across counter-tops, walls, or floors.
  • Pavement ants can be found swarming around cracks in sidewalks and close to your house’s base.
  • Ants, which are referred to as fire ants, would be the sort that typically invades other outside places and lawns. Burrowing trenches and deep tunnels they leave bites that linger and painful for months

While each of the above can end up being a nuisance in the vicinity of your home, they measure up to the damage that can be caused by carpenter ants. These creatures tend to be mistaken for termites and they are able to prove as destructive. They tend to go for moist, wooded areas, and their capacity to cause extensive damage in the vicinity of your house is really where the similarities stop.

Reduce The Risk Of Termite and Ants Attacks

With the help of a competent pest control company like Pest Inspection Perth you can keep termites in check and avert the danger created by the damaging pests. Get a termite inspection done from the reputed pest company on an annual basis and shield your treasured property from getting spoiled from termites. The intensive inspection executed by Pest Inspections Perth will provide you the protection from termites. The pro technicians of the professional pest company are capable to eradicate termite issues from your surrounding zones.

At Pest Inspection Perth, we can identify whether termites or ants are a problem in your home and develop a customized treatment plan to eliminate them completely and keep them from returning in the future.

Once our pest control professionals identify termites as a problem in your home, they can start developing a plan of action. Considering the extensive damage ants and termites can cause in your home, it is important to call in our pest control professionals to ensure the problem is properly dealt with. Call or contact us right away.