How often do you really need pest control?

Few factors in your life involve a one-time investment, like purchasing your house. However, keeping away unwanted visitors like bugs and pests from your home appears challenging. This explains why households reach out to pest controllers Perth for routine services. Regular inspections from professional pest control experts ensure that you can keep your residential or commercial property free from these perils. Insects, bugs, pests, and rodents can pose severe health issues when ignored. Now, you would be wondering how often you should reach out to a pest control company for these services. Read on to know the factors influencing the frequency of pest control, as well as the intervals at which you need pest control services.

What aspects matter while deciding the frequency of pest control?

The established pest controllers Perth consider the following aspects while scheduling their visits:

1. The age and nature of the structure

Often, older homes are susceptible to infestations by pests. Besides, the foundation and location of your home are other determinants in this respect. In case your home is considerably older, you need to call the pest controllers more frequently. Initially, the professionals will inspect your home and generate a report. Accordingly, they will schedule the checkups and deliver the necessary treatment.

2. Location of your property

Houses that are located around heavily wooded zones are more prone to pest infestations. In this case, the inspections have to be more frequent. Particularly, certain houses may be located in pest hotspots. In order to protect your valuables from rodents, ticks, bugs, and other pests, it is imperative to have more regular pest inspections. In some areas close to Sydney, the residents often complain of termite infestations. Therefore, you need to call the pest controllers more frequently.

3. Type of pest infestation

The frequency of pest inspection also depends on the very nature of the attack. Even new homes may be susceptible to pest infestation, in case there are gaps in the foundational structure. Besides, during the process of construction, the structure is left open to the environment. Pests may get into the building materials and multiply over the years. Again, rodents and insects get attracted to dirty places, wood scraps, or food scraps around the home. At times, insects are drawn to high levels of moisture in residential homes.

How frequently should you call the pest controllers?

  • Some cases are very simple, particularly when you have cockroaches around your kitchen or washroom. A bimonthly inspection would be adequate in this case.
  • In case you have spiders, bugs, silverfish, or moths, you need to get your home treated every three to four months.
  • In serious cases, infestations from ants call for attention. Here, the frequency ranges between three to six months, depending on the intensity.
  • Treatments for bed bugs often last for an indefinite period of time. However, experts can locate the source and eliminate the bugs completely.

Evidently, the scope of pest infestation at your home depends on several factors. In case you spot damages in your property due to pests or want to eliminate the perils messing up with your kitchen and hygiene, reach out to professional pest controllers at the earliest.