What To Do After Pest Control Sprays?

Pest problems are the worst nightmare of homeowners. While some pests can be handled at home, for others it is best to call the Perth pest control. These people meticulously spray the whole house thereby effectively taking care of the pest problem.

However, the spraying of the house needs to be followed up with certain actions like:

  • Protection: The pest control sprays are harmful. Thus after the people from the pest control leaves, adequate time should be given for the spray to dry up. No person, including kids and pets, should be allowed inside the house in the interim. On entering the house also some precautions need to be taken like:
    • Direct contact with the surfaces that have been sprayed should be avoided
    • Disposable gloves should be used to touch these surfaces
    • Normal operations can only be resumed after some time has passed

This will protect the inmates of the house from suffering from a reaction to the pesticide spraying.

  • Increase in pest activity: It is very normal to witness an increase in pest activity after a house has been thoroughly sprayed. This activity occurs because the spray sits like a film on every available space within the house. This includes all cracks, crevices, weep-holes roof voids, etc. This spray will flush out all pests from their hiding places and make them come out. They will scurry around until they die. Hence this is a normal phenomenon. However, if this activity continues beyond the first few days, a follow-up pest control Perth is advisable.
  • Leak repairs: Pests love dark and moist places. Thus places with moisture are natural habitats of these pets. The kitchen and the bathrooms are thus prone to re-infestation. To prevent this re-infestation, water sources should be removed and all moisture rubbed dry. Water leakages should also be immediately repaired to prevent the re-entry of pests.
  • Holdouts: Pests have several hiding places within the house. Tiny gaps in walls, holes within woodwork, etc., are favorite places for pests to hide. If the pest problem continues for long even after the extermination procedure has been carried out, the pest control needs to be called for follow-up spraying. However, this time, they need to concentrate on pest holdouts.
  • Throw food left outside: Irrespective of whether organic or inorganic sprays have been used, any food left outside during the spraying should be thrown away. Food left outside is contaminated by the organic or inorganic chemicals used and anyone consuming it is likely to become sick.
  • Do not clean immediately: Most Perth pest control personnel are trained to do the job well without creating a mess. Thus there is no need to clean up immediately after the pet control people leave. Cleaning up immediately after the spraying will remove the chemicals that have been sprayed thereby negating the hard work of the pest control people.

Even after the pest control Perth has been effectively done, people living in the house should keep a lookout for pests. Additionally, they should also remove all potential attractions that can allure pests inside the house.