Things To Do Before Pest Control Treatment

Some pests are a cause of concern when found inside our homes. These pests like spiders, roaches, rats, insects etc. carry diseases and make the place unfit for living. Thus they need to be immediately eliminated.

Hiring pest controllers Perth is the best solution available to deal with this menace. However, they cannot completely eradicate the problem without our help. Thus even after the pest control has been attempted, we need to continue to be careful by not keeping food out in the open, repairing leakages, finding means of drying moist places etc.

However, to prepare the house for the pest controllers, you need to prepare the house. this can be done by:

  • Protecting the pests: Relocating pets such as dogs and cats for a couple of days is a very good option. Pets are curious about everything and might lick the pest control spray off the surfaces. This will harm them and render the whole pest control exercise useless. Additionally, when pets see strangers entering their homes with a lot of gear, they stress out emotionally and might turn aggressive thereby hampering the pest control work. All things that are used by your pets should also be removed and covered to prevent them from being sprayed.

Caged pets like fishes in an aquarium, birds etc., need to be either removed or completely covered. Birds have a very sensitive respiratory system and hence they should be completely removed from the premises.

  • Cover open items: All items which are kept out in the open need to be completely covered. Any spray falling on them will become a cause of concern and ill-health for your family. Thus all loose clothes and soft toys need to be packed and put in boxes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes and makeup removed and stored, silverware properly covered or packed and any food item kept out in the open should be stored in boxes and put away. Furniture and bedroom items should also be properly covered.
  • Furniture placement: All furniture should be moved away from the walls and placed together in a pile in the centre of the room. This will make it easy for the pest controllers Perth to move around and monitor insect activity so they know which places need extra attention.
  • Cleaning the home: Before the pest controllers enter your home, it should be spotlessly clean. All carpets should be vacuumed. This will remove all visible pests and eggs and make it easy for the exterminators to spray even in crevices and cracks on floors and walls. Additionally, the absence of dirt and dust increases the effectiveness of pest control treatment.
  • Informing the neighbours: The chemicals used in spraying tend to leave a very strong smell and can be very harmful to people vulnerable to pesticide poisoning. Thus the neighbours need to be informed so that young children, pregnant women, elders, people with breathing problems and lung ailments etc., can find ways to take care and stay healthy. Additionally, any pests leaving your home might enter their homes and hence they need to be informed beforehand.

Taking the above-mentioned measures would increase the effectiveness of the pest control treatment and help you to eradicate pests from your home completely.